If You'd Like the Elm Fork Soccer Complex Named After You, Speak Up (and Pay Up) Now

A couple of times last week we noted that the city's looking to make some extra coin by selling off naming rights and sponsorship opportunities to private corporations interested in investing in public property. And, sure, we had a suggestion or two. But as City Manager Mary Suhm noted, she was thinking more along the lines of finding out if anyone was interesting in biting on "the big soccer center" scheduled to open next year -- meaning, of course, the Elm Fork Athletic Complex off Walnut Hill Lane just west of Stemmons, which will cost upwards of $38 million and is funded with '98, '03 and '06 bond money, speaking of. Said Suhm, "I think it'll have some real opportunities."

So happens that on Friday, the city decided to find out if they're out there. I was looking for something unrelated on the city's bids website this morning and found a request for proposals titled "Elm Fork Naming Rights." Says one of the accompanying docs:
"The purpose of this solicitation is to seek interested and qualified parties that can provide Sponsorship and Naming Rights for the Elm Fork Athletic Complex. Award will be made based on most advantageous proposer based on scoring criteria. The City reserves the right to award by method deemed most advantageous to the City."
The city wants bids by no later than July 13. Maybe it'll have more luck than Jerry Jones? And speaking of the 19-soccer-field complex, I see that tomorrow the Park Board will actually discuss awarding the mammoth construction contract to Rogers-O'Brien Construction.

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Easy, Trinity East Gas Refinery and Soccer Complex.

Oak Cliff Townie
Oak Cliff Townie

I think FRISCO Has taken the lead in well run soccer venues.

This is just a case of Dallas saying we have some to!


That was a nasty smelly old landfill for decades. I remember going to a birthday party as a kid to the newly built Malibu Grand Prix that bordered the dump, a large dump truck came in with what must have been 20 dead cattle, dumped them right there beyond the fence. Looking back I know the driver must have done it on purpose.

Hope they have the landfill capped well. I don't want to see stories about soccer moms complaining about the soccer field soil being full of lead. In addition to burying trash, they burned alot of it too.

cynical old bastard
cynical old bastard

The Dallas Observer Athletic, Whiskey Sipping, Beer Drinking & Taco Eating Complex?

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