Country Music Television, Time Warner Cable Legal Tussle Lands in Dallas County Courtroom

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This morning, Courthouse News directs our attention to a legal dispute playing out in Judge Carlos Cortez's courtroom: Country Music Television v. Time Warner Cable, filed by McKinney Ave. attorney Michael Raiff. The original complaint itself isn't available: All of the available filings in the Dallas County District Clerk's jacket have to do with the MTV-Viacom subsidiary's efforts to seal the petition, which Raiff contends contains "confidential business arrangements" and "other highly sensitive competitive business information and trade secrets."

A search of county records shows that a hearing's been set on the matter on June 27 at 10 a.m. in the 44th District Court.

But this much is clear: The suit stems from Time Warner's threat to drop CMT. As in:
The underlying action is brought by Plaintiffs against Defendants Time Warner Cable, Inc. ... arising out of TWC's threats to cease distribution of Country Music Television to TWC subscribers who receive CMT as customers of TWC's cable systems. Plaintiffs allege TWC is breaching its contract to distribute CMT to its customers and is tortiously interfering with Plaintiffs' relationship with CMT advertisers.

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Ed D.
Ed D.

CMT broadcasts "Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team" as a regular series so dropping it in Dallas won't be such a great idea. Now if only I could get TWC to give me back HDNet and HDNet Movies...


The next step to removing the hick factor from Dallas. About Timely Warner.

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