Want to Be on Dallas's Gas Drilling Task Force?

After council member Angela Hunt pushed the city council to form the gas drilling task force Dave Neumann only talked about, it's time to assemble the dream team: Moments ago, Dallas City Hall sent word that it's taking applications from those interested in serving on the task force. For those who forgot, here's the task force makeup:
  • Three experts in environmental impact studies, air quality, water quality, and/or soil contamination issues in relation to oil and gas drilling. Examples include professors, environmental attorneys, environmental consultants and land use/zoning attorneys
  • Three industry/business representatives. Examples include gas drilling company representatives with a presence in the Barnett Shale and/or persons who have implemented "best practices", such as oil and gas attorneys
  • Three citizens and/or environmental group representatives
Those wanting to apply can do so right here. Just make sure you can live up to the commitment: The city says applicants "must be willing to meet on at least eight Tuesday afternoons from 2 to 4 p.m. from July through October," and that there will be two public hearings that may take place after work. (I should think so.) Linda Koop's chairing the Ad Hoc Selection Committee, which will ultimately choose the task force members. And she says this is no small deal.

"This is an opportunity to serve our community in a very significant way," she says in the city's release. "The council needs knowledgeable, experienced, and broad minded individuals for the task force. The members will consider all sides of a broad range of issues related to natural gas drilling and will develop recommendations to update our current ordinance and permitting process."

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No way that 16 hours is enough time to get this done.

Alex Roderer
Alex Roderer

This should not be done by a company. It should be done by the city to gain revenue to pay for all the infrastructure and transportation stuff it wants to build. If some company IS going to do it then they need to be taxed out the b-hole.

Wylie H.
Wylie H.

It's nice to see the outreach here.... why doesn't the City do this when it is filling positions on, say the DART Board, or the DFW Airport Board?


The ONLY reason why this is being publicly advertised is because we have been VERY vocal about the formation of the task force, and we have gotten the attention of the City Council, which is now trying (or at least pretending to try) to communicate with us about the process going forward.

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