Ron Washington To Get His Caddy Today

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There's no game out at the Ballpark today -- shame too, since it's likely The Last Lovely Day before summer slams into high gear. Nevertheless, at 11:30 this morning Nolan Ryan and Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington will find themselves at home plate, where Ryan will give Washington the keys to a new Cadillac.

And not just any Cadillac, but a black '85 Biarritz just like the one New Orleans resident Washington lost during Katrina. Perhaps you recall: Back in January, during the Dr Pepper Mid-Winter Awards Banquet, the team told Washington he was getting the new car courtesy Moritz Cadillac, which helped the Rangers find the ride. Here's one that run $13,500. Quite the...steal? Hit it, Joe.

But, per the release just dispatched by John Blake: "Since that original announcement, the Cadillac has been refurbished and detailed by Moritz. The upholstery has been changed from red to white and a sunroof has been added to make the vehicle exactly as Washington's original model. The engine has also been replaced." My dad, a parts man from way back, says, sure, the thought's awful nice, but they shoulda just gone the whole Eldorado, "because giving him a Biarritz is like firing him."

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Your closing statement makes no sense.  The engine was replaced, it's a classic with less than 4,000 produced in it's final year of 1985.  The Eldorado sold almost ten to one to the one Ron got, and it was almost $30k the way it was equipped.  It's a showpiece.  The best part is that Nolan and the Rangers recognized the great job he did, the tragedy he and his wife endured in their hometown during Katrina, and how much it meant to him.  Hat's off to Nolan and the Rangers! 

just sayin'
just sayin'

I hope they didnt get too PC on him and remove the cigarette lighter. You can't just by an air freshener that smells like Kool's ya know.

J. Erik Jonsson
J. Erik Jonsson

RW, the Biarritz trim level was the top of the line for that year's Eldorado.  That's a Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz.  You know, because lots of Eldos were driving around Biarritz back then.

Josh's broken records
Josh's broken records

I would've figured Wash for a Fleetwood guy meself, but it's a really cool gesture from Nolan and the Rangers to hook the OSB up..If I was Nolan, I would make sure the curb feelers are well polished.

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