Rawlings, Kunkle Say They'd Ban Political Consultants From Lobbying City Hall

If Mike Rawlings is serious, the political consultants running his campaign will have a hard time making a living with him in office.

At last night's GLBT Chamber mayoral forum, candidates David Kunkle and Mike Rawlings agreed that political consultants who run campaigns and raise campaign money should be barred later from lobbying the city council and mayor.

Candidate Ron Natinsky, whose consultant, Carol Reed, is one of the most active lobbyists at City Hall, disagreed with a ban.

Agreeing with it was easy for Kunkle: His wife and campaign consultant, Sarah Dodd, who used to be a lobbyist at City Hall, gave up the business the minute Kunkle announced. She's already banned.

But it should have been thornier for Rawlings. His consultant, Allyn & Company, is often at City Hall as a commercial lobbyist. Rawlings said: Tough. If he wins, he will support banning them from lobbying. Listen below.

Mike Rawlings on Consultants at Dallas City Hall

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This is a good thing. It is similar to the County recently banning campaign contributions from people who have business before the county. Too much of our system is legalized bribery already. Kudos to Rawlings and Kunkle for standing up for this. Natinsky should be ashamed. It is crazy to have the same people who got you into office then lobbying you. Too many chances for conflicts of interest and undue influence from campaign donors. Too much money. Tooooo much money.

Watch the documentary Casino Jack.


Why should lobbying be banned? After all the council when they were elected it was just the same as them wining the lottery. Time for them (their right of winning the election) to feed at the public trough (at the tax payers expense).


Will lobbying just be renamed: whispering sweet nothings into their ears?

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