The Time Is Now For Norm Macdonald To Pay Homage, Or Something, to Mavs-Made Video

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What you see above is the official "The Time Is Now" video made last week for the Mavs' postseason run, which continues in two hours, give or take, but you knew that. Oh, right: Go, Mavs. Cash Sirois, weekend talk-show host and Dallas Mavericks creative director, was in charge of the piece, which was produced by locals Green Grass Studios, who were responsible for that brilliant Lego Mavs video.

Anyway. Last night the video made its way to Norm Macdonald's Comedy Central sports show, which is titled Sports Show, which I've yet to watch. Except, that is, for the brief clip that follows. Or maybe I'll just stick with the Dirk T-shirt.

Sports Show with Norm MacdonaldTuesdays, 10:30/9:30c
The Time is Norm
Sports ShowNorm Macdonald#SportsShow

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II'm not a big fan of team sports, and especially hate sportscasts/ers, but i do love Sports Show

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