Kunkle Widens Lead Over Natinsky, While Griggs Still Dominates Dave

Scott Griggs really needs a mustache.
If you care at all about the latest vote counts in the Dallas mayoral and council races, you're either refreshing the DalCo Elections site or at a candidate's watch party. So this'll be the last update till the final numbers are in -- and we know for sure whether it's David Kunkle or Ron Natinsky who'll square off against the former Pizza Hut CEO's 50-pound pepperoni in the June runoff.

Right now, at least, the former Dallas Police chief has the edge over the ex-8-track salesman: With 202 of 555 precincts reporting, and with Mike Rawlings out in front with 42.9 percent of the votes counted so far, Kunkle leads Natinsky by a slim but growing margin: 29.6 percent (or 12,621 votes) to 25.17 percent (10,701). Kunkle's lead over Natinsky gets a little bigger with each new update. Rawlings is doing well in the north and south; Kunkle, east and west.

Update at 9:25 p.m.: With 426 outta 555 precincts reporting, Kunkle's now got 19,036; Natinsky, 14,683. Pretty sure the June 18 runoff's set now.

Let's go to the council races now: Twenty out of 56 precincts are reporting in Oak Cliff's District 3, and Scott Griggs is maintaining his dominance over Dave Neumann: 58.57 percent (2,176) to 41.43 percent (1,539). And Angela Hunt's got 63.38 percent in District 14; James Nowlin, her nearest competitor, a mere 30.10 percent. It's early still. But not that early.

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"Scott Griggs really needs a mustache."

Funny, because in the photo in the post above this one, showing him and Caraway, it kind of looks like he does have a moustache. 


Scot looks so young but there was never any doubt in my mind that he was the best candidate and guess what observer, I made this decision all by myself 

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