It's Still Very, Very Early, But Scott Griggs Has To Be Feeling Good Right About Now

Back in the day, the former Pizza Hut CEO used to refer to his stache as the "Saturday Night Special." Seems fitting in retrospect.
Back when we covered the '07 mayoral election we had a small army of writers out and about, because who doesn't like drinking at a watch party and calling it "work." Now, with Merten gone and Schutze on vacation and Patrick Michels covering a small-town race for a cover story, it's just me, Old Fitzgerald, a fresh pack of Reds and a KISS '76 bootleg. I keep telling myself it's better this way.

Besides, we always have to keep us company Mike Rawlings's Mustache, which, thanks to Roger Staubach's meaty P'Zone and a billion dollars, continues to lead the pack of mayoral wanna-bes: With 40 out of 555 precincts reporting (most in the southern sector), he's got 42.43 percent of the vote -- or 13,661 votes. David Kunkle's separated a bit from Ron Natinsky: The former chief's got 29.52 percent (9,505 votes) to the council member's 8,453. Ed Okpa? Right.

In District 3, with five out of 56 precincts checking in,
Scott Griggs's early lead over Dave Neumann done grown: He's got 1,719, or 58.99 percent of the vote. Districts 12 and 14 remain unchanged. Also: Carolyn Davis ain't going nowhere. Which is the night's real highlight, let's be honest.

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How about the District 2 race between Pauline Medrano and Billy Macleod?  Looks like he lost big again.   


The first one to ask me if I know how to Google is an idiot.


 We have a winner!

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