For Sale: Photo of the Cliff Queen in 1930s

eBay seller "rareoldstuff"
I was just about to shut 'er down for the holiday when two flashbacks popped up in the in-box worth sharing. First, courtesy Friend of Unfair Park PeterK, is this wonderful for-sale photo of the old Cliff Queen movie theater that once stood at 616 E. Jefferson Boulevard. As another Friend of Unfair Park, Bob Johnston, noted last year on this history-of: "When the theater closed it was the oldest suburban theater in Dallas. In 1946 Gene Autry Theaters operated the Queen." Autry, of course, also owned the Kessler 'round the same time. The building was razed in '58, but the photo, taken by local theater and commercial photographer Walter E. Kuykendall, remains ... at $21.95. For now.

Update: The Texas Theatre's Barak Epstein notes this photo has appeared elsewhere -- like here, though it's not of the same quality, and in at least one book. But the one for sale on eBay does have the photographer's stamp on the back. And the locally based seller says it's an "original [that] has been stored in a drawer or box all of these years out of sunlight."

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My sister ran across this while Googling Walter E. Kuykendall.  He was our grandfather.  He and our grandmother had an art studio downtown.  At one point in time it was Kirk's Art Shop and then became Kuykendall Art Studio.  They did the art work for the theaters.  He would receive the photos of the movie scenes and enlarge them.  Then my grandmother would hand paint or "colorize". them.  He also did the lettering on the signs.  They got divorced in '37 or '38.  My grandmother got the shop and a news business partner.  In the big special section that the DMN did on their 100th birthday, there was a shot of the Majestic.  They also did that one.  When my grandmother passed away, the family was cleaning out the family home in Cisco, TX. and ran across a box of photos just like this one...have no idea which family member got them and where they are.     

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