Flula, the German Genius Behind "His Name is Dirk," Has Concept Album (or EP) In the Works

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Flula Borg and Outkast's Big Boi
Last night, at the end of the first quarter of Mavs-Thunder, I spoke on the phone with Flula Borg -- yes, that Flula Borg. The man behind "His Name is Dirk (Nowitzki)," who, according to the press release one of his friends sent out last night, is pushing to make his swingin' single "the official song for Dirk Nowitzki," as though such a thing existed. The German now living in Los Angeles had a few minutes to talk because "I do not have cable right now," he explained. He was on his way to a bar to watch the rest of the game with some friends. At the time, the score was OKC 27, Dallas 20.

"But it's OK," he insisted. "Nine days rest. It's hard to shake off the rust. But they will do it. Go, Mavericks." The way he says the last word, meh-vuh-ricks, reminds me: Now is ze time on Sprockets vhen ve dance.

Of course, Flula was right: Dirk would ultimately score 48, go a record-breaking 24-for at the free-throw line and turn into Larry Bird, as Michael Wilbon would insist on SportsCenter afterward. Or, as Flula sing-speaks in his song, "He's a shooter like Larry Bird."

"Dirk" isn't Flula's sole song -- far from. I highly recommend "Badger, I Eat You" and "I Am In Germany (Opa Döner Poodles Bread)," all available for free quality download, each a would-be summer jam. And as I mentioned last week, "His Name is Dirk" is an abbreviated, altered version of his 2009 single "Dirk41." I asked Flula why he recut the single a few weeks back and shot the new video. Simple, he says: "I always loved Dirk, and I decided it was time for nice new polish and new sound. But I did not tell people about the first one. I just quietly uploaded it to my MySpace page. I did not know it would play so good."

Turns out, though, this is just the beginning of the beginning: Flula dreams of playing the American Airlines Center during the playoffs, and has more Dirk songs in the can, enough for an EP at least. Can a Krautrock-opera be far behind? Jump for more.

The song's almost two years old now. But you reworked it, then made the video ...

Yes, posted the night of Game Two against the Lakers.

Why now?

I think I just had a fire in my bum. It was time for it. I don't know. I had a feeling about he season and playoffs and thought it was good motivation. I could push it. People are superstitious, and I thought maybe it's good luck charms for the series. I wanted to add my my good luck charm to a good season.

The thing went viral pretty quick last week, which couldn't have been very surprising. I mean, the thing is genius.

Who knows. I never know. Shawn Marion and Tyson Chandler tweeted it. I don't know if Dirk has seen it, but my dream is to play it at the AAC. It would be so great. I know Mr. Cuban is keeping a low profile because he can also feel it. It could be a magic season, so he doesn't want to go too cray with a German DJ song. But I have four Dirk songs I have already written. This is the first one.

What are the others?

I started some years ago, "An Idyl for Dirk." I have three more. I want to make sure the charm of luck is good. Is it better to release a song later? Is it good with the winning? I am talking to my gut right now.

When did you move to L.A.?

Two and one half years ago. I had been to America some time before. This it the best location to create music. My goal is to spread music to the whole world, and Los Angeles was a better choice for that. I am a crazy Maverick fan. I would go there if Dallas was a great entertainment center. I went one time to the Texas Redneck Games. Very coincidental. I was not living here yet. We took third place.

So, what the hell are you -- a comedian who makes music, or a musician who does comedy? Or neither. Or both.

I think many people are finding things I do very funny and strange. I try to make things that are coming for inspirings for me. When I see things that are inspiring I must write a song about it. Some people make a t-shirt or slap something on a wall with paint, but I must make music and freestyle rap. Everything with me revolves wth music. Dirk just come up from some minutes from me, and he was always my inspiration. He is having the most success in America of any German of my generation, so, boom, let's make a song.

Will there be a full-on Dirk album?

I think so. At the very least I will make an EP, four songs at minimum. To finish production and video, for sure three and maybe more. It sounds like an artsy-fartsy artist, but if I am on this little roller-coaster and feel it, more songs may come, but four songs is right move. I like to make my name of songs strange. Like "Dirk41." My next one is "Shooting the Rock." I am writing a song for Dirk to encourage the shooting of the rock. But I go into my brain and have a vision and spit it out the music way. I don't know why.
[After the game, Flula and I exchanged a few more emails. This is what he wrote, in part: "Man he really did bring it!!! So great. I think he is hearing the voices of 2006 (and maybe the vocals of my song?) and kicking it hardcore tonight! Go Mavs!!!"]

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His name is Robert.He's a writer.He lives in Dallas.He's a journalist like Dan Rather.He can post a blog, or talk to the Hardline.He reads press releases.He wants a decent ...deli.Deli!Deli! 


Great interview. It gets my vote for official theme song. 

Titus Groan
Titus Groan

You got this interview on audio?  His syntax is hilarious in print, wonder how it sounds. 


Robert do you think Flula would be intersted in helping the residents in Jubilee Park with a song?  DISD is stealing the homes of the Seniors, Veterans and Disabled for parking lots now town homes later. We have a song written and a beat going we just need someone to get it going for us.We would be honored if he could help these residents and community.

These are a few of the lyrics... Danger, Danger Dallas ISD lies, cheats, steals and conceals all their dirty deals no newsreels to reveal so surreal. Their stealin’ and being sneaky boy it’s been creepy!  It can make you dizzy and sleepy but, we got them up in a tizzy.  See they have a heart of stone, and won’t leave us alone invading our schools and homes!   The shameless attempts to bulldoze a beloved part of our neighborhood will be disclosed and overexposed.  We will not sit quietly while they build their dynasty.   We will not sit quietly on the side while an entity that is supposed to help our community takes an opportunity to destroy it instead of working to preserve it.  What did we do to deserve it? So, ya’ll please help us all!  Before you go the mall, down the hall or Montreal give DISD a call don’t let them waste any more of your tax dollars on their twisted plans. If you or anyone out there can sing or rap and would like to make a difference for many generations to come please respond or visit www.StopDISD.org and select the contact tab to send information. Thank you for your support. 


Best. Theme song. Ever. 

Robert Wilonsky
Robert Wilonsky

I would have just "liked" your comment. But I can't. Because I am in love with it.

Robert Wilonsky
Robert Wilonsky

Exactly how you'd expect. But, no -- typing as fast as I could from the house phone, sans audio recording hook-up technologies.

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