DISD Projects $120 Mil Shortfall, Which Would Mean 1,091 Layoffs and No Full-Day Pre-K

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It's been a long, contentious meeting of the Dallas Independent School District board of trustees, and we just got to the latest budget update. First, Carla Ranger wanted to know why Bernadette Nutall, with Superintendent Michael Hinojosa's OK, halted construction at a handful of South Dallas schools. Nutall said it was done with the community's blessing while the district evaluates its underpopulated campuses -- some of which, the super acknowledged, may well be have to be shuttered. As far as Ranger's concerned, that's bond money -- the people's money -- and the board should have had a say, not just a single trustee.

(And, this note: Newcomer Mike Morath, who's not afraid of speaking up on any and every subject, sounds like anything but a rookie.)

Then they got to the charter school update -- sans trustee Edwin Flores, who chairs the ad hoc committee but wasn't in attendance. Ranger again wondered what the hell -- why, she asked, are trustees flying around on the Dallas Regional Chamber's dime to look at Denver, Houston and Los Angeles's charter schools when, she insisted, the district needs to focus on its existing schools? "We are in a fight for our very existence," she said, "and every dollar taken away from us to go to a charter diminishes our ability to keep our teachers and help them."

Then and only then did the board finally get to the Preliminary Budget Reduction Plan Version 4.0 -- all 73 pages of which you will find here. It was finished at 11 this morning, said Chief Financial Officer Alan King, who announced that based upon the latest projections, DISD expects to cut $120 million from next year's budget.

And since that's $10 million more than previously projected, King said, he will not be able to add full-day pre-K back into the 2011-'12 budget. Also, even with all the buyouts taken in recent months, the district still guesstimates it needs to lay off 1,091 full-time employees -- 274 of whom will be teachers (and 208 of whom will be custodians). The district is also looking at upping middle-school class ratios from 23 students to one teacher to 27:1, and jumping the high-school ratios from 25:1 to 27:1. Planning periods would also be eliminated.

Watch here.

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Joyce Foreman
Joyce Foreman

Thank you Mrs. Ranger for staying focused on the education of DISD students.   


What DISD won't tell the voters and taxpayers is that while they fire good employees they move forward stealing land and wasting our tax dollars to put in parking lots in-between homes.

They won't mention that some schools were recently renovated with our tax dollars and now will be demolished just because DISD says so!

Their contractor friends won't suffer through any buget cuts!

Brand new schools...and no teachers great thinking DISD...they refuse to listen to the voters and tax payers if we had a choice we would vote for better education instead of parking lots!

Danger, Danger Dallas ISD lies, cheats, steals and conceals all their dirty deals no newsreels to reveal so surreal.

Their stealin’ and being sneaky boy it’s been creepy! It can make you dizzy and sleepy but, we got them up in a tizzy. See they have a heart of stone, and won’t leave us alone invading our schools and homes!

To learn more visit www.StopDISD.org

Click on the link below to view Satire Video on DISD's Land Grab


DISD Teacher
DISD Teacher

I would be immensely satisfied if everyone at DISD making over $100,000 had their salary reduced to $100,000. The superintendent and the head money guy could make $150,000.

I believe in a free education for every child in this country. I am happy to pay taxes to educate all children.

But too many people have become rich at the expense of children and taxpayers.

Cut off the excessive money or our schools will never improve.If the schools fail to improve, all of Dallas will suffer.

We need moral public servants. Drive away the corrupt and greedy by slashing salaries and let them feed their greed elsewhere.

Budget shortfalls will continue as these parasites bleed us dry.


Thankfully, my daughter graduated out of DISD four years ago and there are no more CrackerDaddy spawn to attend school.


This all came around with Perry's Property Tax reduction to get re-elected. Got him the vote, and a $16b state debt. So now we fire teachers.


As Texas looks to build a F1 racing track at $25m a year over a decade.

Heywood U Buzzoff
Heywood U Buzzoff

Jeez, how did such a bunch of dummies end up running a school district? Flying around the country to study their charter schools when that money could have been used for something directly benefiting students is a shame.

Oak Cliff Townie
Oak Cliff Townie

Being Picky It is not State Debt.

That is what a $16 billion dollar over all tax cut looks like .

The $16 billion wasn't or won't be collected so it is not there to be spent .

Next time around we will see what happens when the Tax cuts from this session go into effect .

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