Angela Hunt, Friendly Neighborhood Council Member, Was Very Happy to Meet Stan Lee

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Photos by Alexander Flores
Angela Hunt makes hers Marvel with a Stan Lee signature at Dallas Comic Con Sunday.
By the time we got to Dallas Comic Con Saturday 'round 2:30, there was still a line snaking around the Irving Convention Center. Ben Stevens, the show's co-organizer, guesstimated that some 8,000 attendees had walked through the door -- enough to cause the con to run out of badges with still another day to go. And speaking of ...

On Sunday Stan Lee, who was there for the births of Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk and the rest of Marvel's Avengers and Invaders and X-Men, chatted up a packed house, as recounted over on The Mixmaster. And some of his chat's making the national rounds -- specifically, this clip, in which Lee talks about his cameos in the Marvel movies and gives away a plot point from director Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man.

But for our purposes, our art director just happened to be around when Dallas City Council member Angela Hunt hopped in Lee's meet-n-greet line so she could get a Spidey comic signed. Turns out, she's a big fan. Though why Alex couldn't be there when I met Leonard Nimoy is disappointing, to say the least, though probably for the best. Some more of Alex's photos of Hunt and Stan the Man follow, with an all-con slide show on its way. Please tell me you got Power Girl, Alex. No reason.


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Very happy indeed, or it was a tad chilly in the room, one or t'other.

Josh's broken records
Josh's broken records

Big Bob, was "very" in italics because of the bright lights Angela is sporting in the top photo? 

Ed D.
Ed D.

I didn't think I could respect Angela Hunt any more than I already do but, wow.


Cool to see she had a great time!!   I think I spotted her walking around and she seemed like she was!  Hope to see her again next year.


Angela Hunt is a FanGirl? The hell you say!

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