Activists Hail Dallas County Commissioners Court For Demanding State, Feds Clear the Air

Anti-gas drilling activist Raymond Crawford sends word this morning: Moments ago the Dallas County Commissioners Court voted to adopt a resolution demanding the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency do something about cleaning up Dallas's air. Long story short: The county wants state and federal regulators to do something about the volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) hanging around thanks, in large part, to "a rapid growth in the development of Barnett Shale natural gas and oil resources."

Writes Crawford, who was joined this morning by the likes of Downwinders at Risk's Jim Schermbeck, Cherelle Blazer with Texas Oil and Gas Accountability Project and Dallas Sierra Club's Molly Rooke:
On June 8th, with many city government[s'] backing, the TCEQ will make the wise move to begin the process whereas the gas drilling industry will be required to submit plans to help reduce the VOC's in our area.

County Judge Clay Jenkins was the one who proposed the resolution this morning along with several personal comments of his own. Judge Jenkins remarked how asthma is the #1 leading illness for North Texas school children. Wonder why? Then he commented how in years past he knew of the effects of the Midlothian cement kilns dirty processes that was killing area rabbits and fire ants. To paraphrase the judge,'you know it's bad when the air is killing fire ants, so you can imagine what it's doing to humans.' Commissioner Price also commented how this issue is very a important and serious issue for everyone living in the Barnett Shale.
Crawford notes it took a whole 10 days for the county to write and sign off on the resolution, which follows in full and was first OK'd last night by the town of Dish. He also notes: "Now, if only Dallas City Hall was this easy to educate on the issue without having back room negotiations, wheels and deals, and arm twisting." Dallas County Comm Court Model Fair Share Resolution -DALLAS CO

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Just because our state won't do the right thing at least our county can. Thank you, Dallas County Commissioners for your leadership on this crucial issue.

Casual Observer
Casual Observer

Don't blame the dirty air on EPA. They have been trying to enforce air quality standards for years, but Rick Perry has fought them every step of the way aided by his puppet Gregg Abbott. I guess it's another example of Rick doing what's right for his Texas buddies (and damn the rest of us).

matilda of tuscany
matilda of tuscany

Yes, Kudos to our Regional EPA, County Commissioners, Angela Hunt and most of all our citizen activists, for taking a courageous stand for our region's health. Clean air and water for all is being fought every step of the way by the Republican machine and the Gas and Oil Monster that feeds it $$$$$$$$$$$.

Wylie H.
Wylie H.

Note to Raymond Crawford: the folks who control the City of Dallas could give a flip about any of this stuff. Just show them the money and you'll get what you desire (as long as the other side doesn't show them more).

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