A Trailer Park Shopping Area? Coming Soon. Local Craftsman Helps "Make It Happen."

12 buckner.jpg
Photos by Leslie Minora
Gary Buckner sits on the filing cabinet of the Airstream he refurbished as an office.
Old trailers fill the lot in front of Gary Buckner's West Dallas workshop. Two are almost completely gutted and ready for refurbishing, and one silver Airstream is nearly ready for the move-in of a fairly unlikely tenant. In less than two months, this trailer will be home to an insurance office, which will be parked on the Fort Worth Ave. side of the Dallas West Mobile Home/RV Park.

Belmont Hotel owner and developer Monte Anderson, who's developing the trailer park shopping center for landowner Cienda Partners, hired Buckner to build the mobile office and is leasing it to a local business owner.

Currently, the trailer park is a purely residential mini-neighborhood, but the plan is to have the street-side of the development lined with small businesses parked next to each other in a commercial row. The insurance agency will be the first commercial tenant in the stretch that Anderson says will include up to 15 businesses possibly including a cupcake shop, fried pie bakery, a tattoo parlor and offices. "It's a portable space for small entrepreneurs," he tells Unfair Park.

If recycling and re-purposing were a religion, Buckner would be our local bishop. He furnished the Belmont with tables and benches made from pallet wood; he created benches for City Hall Plaza out of the same material, and he's furnished a few local restaurants out of materials that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Chandeliers made from old bicycle parts and air vents hang in his workshop, while a bike rack made from old bike frames stands at the entrance.

To Buckner, who started his company, Stash Design, with his business partner in February, refurbishing trailers is about the entire movement of supporting small local entrepreneurs, recycling, and improving Dallas from the ground up.

"We've gone away from street space. We've gone the opposite way... the idea is to bring it back to small things," Buckner says. "We're actively changing things and actively making things happen. That's kind of the catch phrase: Make it happen."

Below are some photos of trailers in the works.
12 exterior.jpg
Jonathan Sanchez, who works with Buckner, fixes the outside of the nearly complete Airstream office.

12 interior.jpg
The interior of the Airstream office.

12 interior 2.jpg

12 howard.jpg
Andrew Howard, who works with Bruckner, fixes the shell of a gutted Airstream.

12 Trailer scraps.jpg
The trailer's interior is pulled out to make room for renovations.
12 plans.jpg
This trailer is completely stripped except for a pen and paper layout of its future interior.
12 entrance.jpg
The entrance to Buckner's workshop is littered with recycled metal and bike parts.

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 It was "Another Roadside Attraction".  My friend John used to run the place about 20 years ago!

greg hostern
greg hostern

Wow this is an amazing way to reuse old mobile trailers and turn them into a  mobile office. Seems like the perfect idea and the one you have completed looks amazing.

Sharon Boyd
Sharon Boyd

There's a very nice mobile home park on Lombardy, just west off Harry Hines.  We need to have areas where mobile home parks can exist inside the city limits.  They are certainly better than families leaving in the awful apts thrown up in the 70's-80's, intended for single adults.  The entire city cannot be high end.  Working people need a place to live.  Gary Buckner seems to a realistic visionary, unlike the big ticket projects dreamers whose visions usually become our nightmares.


Whatever the reason these printable coupons or "Printapons" exist and it is valid to use them, although it can skew the marketing research for which they were intended.


That is just too kewel for words.

I like the idea of using stuff again, especially for a purpose it was never intended to be used for in the first, even second place.

3rd Wheel Marketing
3rd Wheel Marketing

Anyone remember VortexMex across from the Green Room? They pretty much nailed this "trend" 12 years ago, pretty weird. Damn those were some tasty tacos.


AH how i miss this place!!!


I think it was "Another Roadside Attraction" even before that.

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