Well, You Know, Ron Natinsky Could Have Opened Up His Own 8-Track Museum ...

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... but instead, he's running for mayor. Above you'll find the spot set to premiere on local TV tonight, which is good timing -- Sam's cover story about the Dallas mayoral race is set to hit newsstands tomorrow. And in it, he discusses when and why "bringing businesses to Dallas" became the overarching theme of this particular campaign, during which the four candidates insist they won't raise taxes while also refusing the point to one place where they'd cut the budget. One quick question: Who didn't help bring AT&T and Comerica to Dallas?

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The best thing about Natinsky running for mayor is that he will no longer be on the council.


Man, thinking of 8 tracks makes me miss that one I had with Willie, Waylon, Jesse, and Tompall Glaser on it...damn! The 8 tracks were given to me by my uncle and the player was an old GE one that was my grandfather's. Spent a lot of time drinking beers and jamming out in my room to it. Oh yeah, about Natinsky...I heard he invented the internet.

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