The Arts District, Time-Lapsed and Tilt-Shifted

Keith Loutit achieved quite a bit of renown a few years back for his time-lapsed tilt-shift shorts, in which he made the very big (Sydney Harbor, the Roman Forum, Shanghai's Nanpu Bridge) appear very, very small. Local filmmaker Fabián Aguirre pays homage to Loutit with this three-minute short, Formicarium | A Timelapse, which I just found on Vimeo. Writes Aguirre -- who's also a fan of Naqoyqatsi, if the sound of breaking Glass isn't a giveaway -- the film consists of more than 15,000 frames taken with a Canon EOS 7D over the course of two days, one frame per second. Even our art director, the quite nitpicky Alexander Flores, was impressed.

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Not real tilt-shifting. This is actually done with a mock shifting effect long after the photo is taken. Still cool, though.

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