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"Warriors Of The Discotheque" Trailer from simile productions on Vimeo.

There is no pinned-down time line for The Official Release of Michael Cain's The Starck Project, his long-in-the-works look at Blake Woodall's opened-in-'84 dance-dance-danceteria on McKinney. "Let's say late 2011, early 2012," went the latest response to someone's due-date query. Though from the looks of the Facebook page, interviews continue apace as Cain sifts through the archives.

This much is certain: Joseph F. Alexandre's feature-length version of his 2009 20-minute short Warriors of the Discotheque: The Starck Club Documentary will make its bow April 30 at 9:30 p.m. at the Mockingbird Station Angelika as part of this year's USA Film Festival. I see at least one new familiar face in the new trailer Alexandre sends along this morning: none other than Jeff Liles (say, that's two in a row), who, upon the occasion of the club's 25th anniversary in '09 wrote for us this invaluable oral history (comments included) that reads like Studs Terkel on Ecstasy and New Order.

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Ya know what? Robert Wilonsky was able to do what the other media hacks in town were not: spell the filmmakers name correctly... and ta da!!! Actually, get the facts straight! Glad somebody in big D is on it.

check out films website:


Extacy from the Stark was called Sextacy.


I was there all the time - woohoo.

Not to change the subject, but can someone point out to me where you find the approved cab rates for the city of Dallas?

The city's website is completely user Unfriendly. I live downtown and took a cab from Uptown back home (2 miles tops) and cabbie charged me $8.60. Are you kidding me? And it wasn't even in those pretend environmentally friendly CNG cabs, either.

I'm tired of getting ripped off by Al-Qaeda in my back yard. Bastards.

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