Historic Church-Turned-Home on East Side Avenue Keeps Getting Less and Less Expensive

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The main living room of the former church on East Side Avenue
Perhaps you recall: Back in February of last year, The News ran a piece on Shea Fragoso, who spent three years and $1.5 million converting the century-old St. John's United Methodist Church on East Side Avenue into a house. At the time, Fragoso had the house on the market for $2.4 million. But by June, we noticed, the price had dropped considerably -- to $1,949,000. But that was nothing.

I see it's now listed on LoopNet at the low, low price of $1,299,000. Says Realtor John Muzyka, who's taken over the listing, truth is Fragoso never really knew how much to sell it for: "Because it's such an unusual property, she was told to list it for anywhere from $600,000 to $6 million initially." It originally went on the market at $3.1 million.

Says Muzyka, the seller's motivated, but the buyer will be hard to find: "It has to be someone who wants the urban experience and who wants to live in a converted church." Not that there aren't folks like that around: Former Waltons star Ronnie Claire Edwards lives in the former St. Joseph's Church and Academy on Swiss Avenue (and it's extraordinary). Two more photos follow.

The kitchen
And the master bath

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I think the redo is kinda awful. It looks too much like a church, it's purely a question of style. That redo screams, I'm in an old church. I'd kinda like to get a Timothy Burton spin on that place, darken it up, break it up with columns or something, maybe make walls from stacked pews, 3 or 4 high could make cool book shelves. I don't know. Just my take on it.

Juan Valdez
Juan Valdez

Potential customer...A priest that recently came out of the closet and wants that "urban" experience.


I think this rightfully belongs to a Catholic, so they can feel even more guilty and under diety watch than usual.


"It has to be someone who wants the urban experience and who wants to live in a converted church."

... and someone that has $1.3 million to shell out.

Beautiful renovation, though.


Most still look like a church. Have you ever been to Contemporary Theater of Dallas on Sears St? It still looks like a church. The one mentioned in the story (Ronnie Claire Edwards place) could be converted back into a church by adding pews. They are what they are!


Yeah, it's that last one (the $1.3 million) that keeps me from moving in tomorrow.

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