Forthcoming, Maybe, to the Dallas International Film Festival: "A Musical Component"

Ann-Margret a Winspear.jpg
Stephen Masker
Ann-Margret picked up her Star Award at the Winspear Opera House last night.
Observer-er Gadi Elkon is one of the twosome behind Pearl Snap Discount, where this morning you'll find the most detailed blow-by-blow available from last nights's Dallas International Film Festival gala at the Winspear -- as in, you can listen to every last utterance from the likes of Star Award honoree Ann-Margret; festival founder and chairman emeritus Liener Temerlin; his pal H. Ross Perot; festival director James Faust; and Dallas Film Society chairman Michael Cain.

The clip below is the one of interest this a.m.: Toward the end, the awfully gracious Temerlin, who has nothing but kind things to say about Cain and the growth of the fest during its brief five years of existence, says this: "Within a years, hopefully within the next five, we can add a musical component to the film festival." Which would make it South by Southwest in reverse? More to come. Till then, jump for two photos, one sent from a good, good Friend of Unfair Park that looks like a dream I once had.
Liener Temerlin on Past, Present and Future of DIFF by Gadi Elkon

Liener Temerlin at Winspear.jpg
Stephen Masker
One hopes this is not the "musical component" of which Liener Temerlin, pictured here, speaks

Chris Dreiling
Among those feting Liener Temerlin last night in a video tribute was a certain Dallas resident and former president

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heavy metal church lady
heavy metal church lady

I don't understand. Why the tribute to Orwell? Is it 1984?

So scary,that book, about an oilgarchical society and mind-control.

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