And Now, the Dallas Independent School District's "Budget Reduction Plan Version 3.0"

Almost one month ago to the day the Dallas Independent School Board received an updated version of the district's budget reduction plan made necessary, of course, in the wake of the state budget shortfall emptying classrooms of teachers and filling them with more and more students. Moments ago, the board got a little more light reading: a 58-page PowerPoint stuffed with new-and-improved (?) stats -- including a look at where reductions have been made so far. Most important, given the mammoth gulf between the state House and State's budget proposals, the district's new budget reduction plan lays out cutting $110 million from the 2011-12 budget. But, of course, it could be less. Or a hell of a lot more.

Of course, most of the reductions made so far come from the number of full-timers who've accepted the district's adios offer. Says the district, 750 people -- all but 34 of whom are on-campus personnel -- have enrolled in DISD's "resignation" program. But even with 604 vacant positions left unfilled, the district still needs to reduce payroll by 1,127 people -- including, in large part, teaching assistants, monitors, clerks, custodians and parking lot attendants.

"And these are important positions and important people in the life of a school district," says Jon Dahlander, DISD spokesman. "Valued people." But he also reminds: The current proposal calls for eliminating 312 non-campus staffers.

But if you'll notice: On Page 17, because so many teachers and principals took the buyout, the district now needs to add back 27 teachers and 16 in "professional support," which would include principals.

The revised budget presentation also breaks down the dollars spent per student per school. It follows in full after the jump. Be sure to leave an apple. budgetpresentation3

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Arnold Viramontes got the incetntive...questions..1. how is he announced his resgination in feb.2. how if he doesnot meet teh requirement of workinguntil april 293. how can he say hi sis using his days when they are state days and he already started his new job in hisd..i bet there is already an resignation form for him turned in before april...who took it? whohas it? did he sign in at hr to see someone? did he stand in line to turn it in what number was he assigned?


Parking lot attendants.

First question: Why is a parking lot attendant an "important positions and important people in the life of a school district"?

Second question: Where in the hell is there a facility in DISD that requires them in the first place? Do high school students get valet parking now, or is it just at DISD headquarters where this useless expenditure happens?

DISD could save millions of our tax dollars if they would only listen to the voters and taxpayers!

DISD MUST STOP wasting our tax dollars on renovating schools that will be demolished. Like the newly renovated O.M. Roberts. Millions were spent to renovate the school NOW DISD wants to demolish it and spend ANOTHER 22 million to reconstruct a new one. Why not finish the renovations instead of wasting MORE tax dollars.

Bond monies will be used for this project, but if the citizens, voters and taxpayers had a choice they would revote to KEEP our teachers, revote for BETTER education and revote for PRESERVATION.

The contractors doing these renovations and building new schools are NOT suffering through any budget crisis. addition to the reckless demolition of the O. M. Roberts school DISD also seized homes residing behind the school ONLY to destroy them to put in parking lots / playgrounds in-between the remaining homes. Does that make sense?

**NOTE In November DISD sent the residents letters informing them that their property was no longer needed, but DISD LIED again and now they move forward with spending millions to pave in a concrete wasteland in-between homes.

Also, over 1,600 signatures were submitted to DISD for DISD to consider an alternate solution that IS available by the BC Workshop, but they refuse to consider it.

Learn more at

Click on the link below to view Satire Video on DISD's Land Grab


An apple? What about a horse apple?


So how many fewer jobs would have been eliminated with $10.7 million in the city coffers? I wonder.


Come to work for a stellar high school and get your car stolen during the day, doubleo.

All of these cuts lower the quality of campuses. None of them touch 3700 Ross Avenue.

Yet the board sits there like the bought-off stooges they are and allows the district to again leave the cronies alone and lay seige to classrooms.


Dead horse - we get it. Focus on the issue at hand.

Thank you for your honest opinion. Please understand and put your self in the shoes of the senior and disabled residents who are facing this crisis and you too would continue and do anything to make the public aware of the issue to help them save their community.

Thank you for understanding.

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