Katie Couric Wants You to Watch This Evening's CBS News Story About Dallas and Sendai

Twelve years ago, several DISD students went to Sendai for six days; the short film about their trip follows.
If nothing else, Mayor Dwaine Caraway's letters to and from Sendai following the earthquake and tsunami served to remind us of the long, deep connection shared between the International Friendship Cities. So too does a video posted on the other side that comes from the Dallas Independent School District, which dipped into The Wayback Machine to serve up a half-hour look at several DISD students' trip to Sendai back in 1999.

In about an hour, CBS News will run its own piece about the two cities. The network's PR department just sent this heads-up:
Tonight on the CBS Evening News With Katie Couric, Correspondent Steve Hartman reveals the connection between Dallas, Texas, and Sendai, Japan, two cities that share an unlikely friendship. As one community suffers in the wake of this month's devastating earthquake and tsunami, the other serves as a caring neighbor, despite thousands of miles between them.
And Katie really wants you to tune in with your eyes, per her tweet of moments ago:
Hey #Dallas! 2nite's @CBSEveningNews will feature Steve Hartman's report on the connection b/t ur city & Sendai. Hope u will watch.

Sendai - Six Days in Sendai - Earthquake from Dallas Independent School Dist on Vimeo.

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Jean Val Jean
Jean Val Jean

Huh. I never pictured Couric as communicating in 'leet speak.

Jack E. Jett
Jack E. Jett

No no no......not Caraway on the national news. Will there be a disclaimer?

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