For Your Thursday Listening Pleasure (?): An Entire Dallas Mayoral Candidate Debate

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Below, in the comments accompanying Sam's recap of Tuesday night's mayoral debate at the Fairmont Hotel, several readers wanted -- nay, demanded -- a fuller accounting of who said what. To that end, one Friend of Unfair Park pointed out that the debate's sponsor, The Real Estate Council, did indeed make available a downloadable podcast of the night's goings-on. So we downloaded it in order to make it available below. Should not be used when operating heavy machinery.

Incidentally, I'm due for a debate recap myself on Monday night, when the Thomas Jefferson High School Student Council, along with the Dallas Chapter of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, hosts a debate at 7 p.m. in the high school's auditorium. Opening act, DISD trustee Edwin Flores, is "slated to make opening remarks," per the district's heads-up. Might as well go -- it's on the way home. Meet me on the smoking porch.

The Real Estate Council Mayoral Debate, March 22, 2011

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As it reads on my mobile headline, from R to L: "? :( ". I'd much rather be scoring vinyls at Millenium in Deep Ellum, where Dallas Vinyl Association Members get 10% off. Now, how to listen to 'em, when even your Dad threw out his record player 10 years ago??


Mike Rawlings is a member of Preston Trails - you think he really cares about the Southern Sector!!

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