How Much Does That Love Field Chili's Make a Month and Other Concessions-Bidding Q&As

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From the Love Field Modernization Program website
No doubt you recall the hubbub surrounding the Love Field concessions-bidding process that consumed much of last year as Mayor Tom and the council argued over no-bid contracts for incumbents Gilbert Aranza, Helen Giddings and Eddie Bernice Johnson. It was certainly fresh on my mind only Tuesday night, when I flew to Austin for a 12-hour down-n-back and was reminded of how sorry the choices are for the thirsty traveler. (Also: Has it always smelled like roast beef and old shoes?) Anyway.

As mentioned a couple of weeks back the city's presently asking interested parties for their proposals -- and only Monday, the city extended the bidding process two extra weeks, from May 4 to May 18. Earlier this week, the city also provided a rare glimpse into the financials at Love: this doc containing the last 36 months' worth of sales figures for every retailer and eatery in the city-owned airport. (I always wondered how well that Sunglass Hut did -- close to $70,000 last September alone.) No wonder those incumbents demanded those no-bid contracts.

Also after the jump is a lengthy Q&A just posted by the city in response to questions asked by would-be concessionaires following last week's meet-and-greet at the convention center. Among them, this what-next:
43. Proposals due May 4th [now 18th] then what happens?

Answer: After proposals are submitted, they will go through a chain of custody, then each proposer will be announced during a "public bid opening" process, thereafter, proposals will be distributed to evaluating committee. The proposals will be scored and the most advantageous proposers are determined. The lottery process will be conducted ( if necessary), incumbents are given first right of refusal (if necessary), incumbent proposals are evaluated as part of first right of refusal (if necessary), recommendations are made to Dallas City Council, and City Council makes award.
There's much more on the other side (if necessary). Leave your 15 percent at the door (necessary). Love Field Food & Beverage and Retail Proposal Q&A

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The Only Exception
The Only Exception

That Sunglass Hut does some serious business. Of course, it's a testament to the guys who work there, especially the manager.


I understand the current Vendors will have 27% set aside in this new bid process , they did them a big favor after all.Dallas City Hall is a helluva place to do business.How do you have a bid process and lottery system going at same time? You all are worried about Mayor Caraway,this is City Staff's doing.

Just the facts, ma'am
Just the facts, ma'am

Would someone explain how two public officials are able to make a substantial additional living off of a public contract that is evaluated and scored by other public officials?


You're wrong Robert. I have traveled extensively on SWA as I used to work at Love Field writing grants, and I gotta tell ya, compared to other airports that SW serves around the county, Love Field has the best beer options, ESPECIALLY once you're in past the security area. There are at least three beer kiosks, and that's something that I've never seen anywhere else.


The fact that the sunglass hut sells much more than 2 pairs a month surprises me, but $40k, WOW. I can only imagine what some of the numbers at DFW are then. No wonder these guys want no bid renewals. wonder how much equity john is getting and im sure that ebj trust is loaded with money

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