DISD's Citizens Budget Review Commission Sets Out to Save Money -- And Teachers Too

DISD via Facebook
Philip Montgomery, chairman of the Citizens Budget Review Commission, during last night's kick-off
On Friday, the Dallas Independent School District unveiled its line-up for the first-ever Citizens Budget Review Commission, a trustee-appointed group charged with helping the school district find ways to cut the budget -- without, it would appear, trimming teachers. Channel 11 was on the scene for last night's first meeting of the commission, during which Dallas Friends of Public Education Mike MacNaughton, also a Friend of Unfair Park, had this to say:
In a scenario where the district would lose $150 million dollars in state funding during the next two years, the district has proposed cutting 450 non-campus jobs amounting to more than $27 million.

But MacNaughton says that number should be higher. "I think we can identify between 600 and 800 of those non-campus employees." He says enough teachers have been cut.
MacNaugton reiterated his point to Channel 8: "I think they can do what they need to do without cutting any teachers." As DISD reminds this moring via Facebok, "The 10-member commission comprises appointed members who will meet Mondays until their work is complete. Those meetings are open to the public."

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DISD could save lots of our tax dollars if they would only listen to the voters and taxpayers!

We do NOT want to keep paying for unnecessary new schools and renovations when the state of DISD’s education system is still in dire need of its own repair. We want their focus on improving the quality of education for our students and work on saving the jobs of our teachers!

~Note~ DISD has already spent $2.6 million of our tax dollars when it remodeled O.M. Roberts just a few short years ago, and they STILL want to tear the school down completely and rebuild - only to bill its taxpayers again

In addition to the reckless demolition of the remodeled school, DISD has already succeeded in seizing some of the property in Jubilee Park community. Now DISD is saying that it will keep those properties only to demolish to make room for a parking lots and playgrounds - right in between the remaining homes!

Our children deserve a better education! ~ Our teachers deserve better compensation! ~ Our schools and neighborhoods deserve consideration for preservation not destruction! Learn More at www.StopDISD.org

Click on the link below to view Satire Video on DISD's Land Grab


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