DeSoto's Von Miller Explains Why He Agreed to Sue the N.F.L. Before Even Being Drafted

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As we noted a couple of weeks back, former DeSoto High School Eagle and Texas A&M Aggie Von Miller is among the high-profile plaintiffs named in the lockout class action brought against the National Football League. His name's right there alongside the likes of Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Payton Manning. Only, there's one thing: Miller ain't a pro yet. Far from. And while there's no doubt the Butkus Award-winning linebacker will go high in the draft next month, he's still taking one hell of a chance suing the league for reasons explained in this freshly minted New York Times piece about what lies ahead for guys labeled "activist players," especially before they've taken a snap in the pros.

Judy Battista not only asks Miller why he signed on to the suit, but how long he considered it -- and what he hopes to get from participating in the litigation, which one unnamed general manager says was not in the DeSoto native's best interests. Battista also talks to those with whom Miller spoke before he did what he did, including his dad and A&M coach Mike Sherman, who told Von two years ago to stay in school even when the N.F.L. beckoned.
"I didn't get involved in this for the spotlight," Miller said in a recent interview. "That wasn't even on the agenda. I got involved to be a part of great guys like Peyton Manning and Mike Vrabel. I got into it for those guys. It's a great feeling to have that I'm doing something for them. I enjoy being a great teammate."

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Chris Danger
Chris Danger

I respect this young man for sticking by his convictions. The big challenge with todays NFL, is frankly, a group of owners who would rather put profit over employee safety and well-being. Sure, football is always going to be a contact sport of hits, knockdowns and smashmouth play, but it also has a responsibility to all its players when it comes to their health after they leave the field. When you have a older generation of players who are suffering from head trauma years after they've left the game, you have to wonder if the league really cares about their legacy or just putting butts in seats on any given sunday..

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