Dallas ISD's "Worst-Case Scenario" Not Nearly As Worst-Case As Originally Presented

When Dallas Independent School District Michael Hinojosa initially told the school board last month about the coming budget cuts that could result in the district laying off 3,100 on-campus full-timers and some 600 at 3700 Ross, he warned that under the so-called "worst-case scenario," the losses could add up to $253 million -- which would amount to "losses on the order of 20%." The best-case scenario wasn't much better: $168 Million, a 10-percent cut and still more than 2.5 times the 2008 shortfall of $64 million caused, the district said, by over-hiring teachers.

As mentioned below, the trustees will be presented on Thursday morning with what the super's calling "Preliminary Budget Reduction Plan Version 2.0," after which the trustees will approve a resolution that will "Declare a Financial Exigency and the Need for a Reduction in Force Affecting all Positions." But when I went to the district's website a moment ago to look for something else related to the coming cuts, I saw this heads-up about Thursday's briefing:
The revised plan will reflect an anticipated $150 million decrease in funding from the state, which is an improvement over the Feb. 10 "worst-case" projection of $253 million. The revised $150 million plan (Budget Reduction Plan 2.0) is dependent upon several assumptions that will be discussed at the meeting.
Dallas Friends of Public Education's Mike McNaughton said as much in a comment posted Thursday to the item about the rally at Arts Magnet:
I hear that the Administration is backing off its worst-case scenario citing a $50M savings in the recent incentives that paid teachers to resign (this $50M "savings" is a delusion and may actually cost the district $7M and some great teachers if the cuts can be made largely without touching teacher's jobs in a "better-case" scenario); a possible 20% ($50M) payment from the rainy-day fund; a possible 10% improvement in the shortfall ($25M) after the comptroller adjusts the state budget numbers; and a probable $50M from a federal jobs bill. As Dandy Don Meredith used to say, "If wishes and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas."
McNaughton, incidentally, has been appointed by trustee Bruce Parrott to serve on the Citizens' Budget Review Commission, which is supposed to begin meeting this month. Anyway. I asked DISD spokesman Jon Dahlander if he could elaborate on the announcement. He writes: "The revised figure is based on a few assumptions that will be outlined on Thursday to trustees." And that, as they say, is that. For now.

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Michael MacNaughton
Michael MacNaughton

Regarding the rumored promotion of HR director Claudia Rodriguez into the Chief of Staff position vacated by Arne Viramontes - an astute mom and DFPE member sent me a link to the press release here on the DO whereby the Superintendent promised to get rid of "a chief position" not necessarily the Chief of Staff position.

Quoting the press release, "Because of the uncertainty with state funding for public education, Hinojosa said that the district will reduce a chief position and begin the complete process of reducing central office positions."

I wonder which chief position is being considered for elimination because we WILL make sure one of these $200,000+ chief positions is cut!


DISD Teacher
DISD Teacher

RW--I cannot wrap my head around the concept that in midst of all this, there are plans to promote Rodriguez (she of the $32K raise in December) to replace Viramontes.

Actually, if she's just promoted but her salary is kept the same, then OK.

But I doubt that.And so now another $30K raise?

These people act with such impunity.

I think I give up.


The addle-pated old white guy has moved over to this blog. Sorry I am slow. Being addle-pated does have its drawbacks. Stimulus money has come and gone for the DISD.


...And DISD could save a lot of our tax dollars if they would listen to the voters and taxpayers! We do NOT want to keep paying for unnecessary new schools and renovations when the state of DISD’s education system is still in dire need of its own repair. We want their focus on improving the quality of education for our students and work on increasing the compensation for our teachers!

~Note~ DISD has already spent $2.6 million of our tax dollars when it remodeled O.M. Roberts just a few short years ago, and they STILL want to tear the school down completely and rebuild - only to bill its taxpayers again

In addition to the reckless demolition of the remodeled school, DISD has already succeeded in seizing some of the property in the Jubilee Park community. Now DISD is saying that it will keep those properties only to demolish to make room for a parking lots and playgrounds - right in between the remaining homes!

Our children deserve a better education! ~ Our teachers deserve better compensation! ~ Our schools and neighborhoods deserve consideration for preservation not destruction! Learn More at www.StopDISD.org

Click on the link below to view Satire Video on DISD's Land Grab


Preston Holler
Preston Holler

Under the old scenario, DISD faced a $250 million shortfall which required firing 600 administrators and 3,100 teachers.

Now, the DISD thinks it is only facing a $150 million shortfall. Whadda wants bet that the new plan will result in keeping some of those 600 administrators?

Hiney's old plan under the $250 million shortfall showed that, if pressed, the DISD can do without 600 adminstrators.

The new plan had better STILL have all of those administrators leaving. The $100 million in savings ($250 million shortfall vs. $150 millions shortfall) had better ALL go to saving teachers.

Hold fast, people. We don't need a bloated administration at 3700 Ross. We do, however, need to keep classroom size as small as possible. The only way to do that is keep as many teachers and cut as many administrators as possible... at least 600 of them.


So, why have Hinojosa even deliver his 2.0, if it was so off, that it was 2.wrong?

Just Sayin'
Just Sayin'

Aint this the Claudia Rodriguez that, as a principal, got caught in a compromising position on school property. And her reward was a promotion to HR -- after having 0 experience in HR.

And then, with the $250 million budget shortfall looming, Hiney rewards her with a $30,000+ raise.

And now, that there is a "New Reality" where teachers are expected to suck it up and teach up to 60 kids per class, Hiney still needs a Chief of Staff. Therefore, Rodriguez get ANOTHER promotion and ANOTHER raise of.. what? About $30,000.

So, to recap. Get caught in a compromising situation, get promoted to HR with no experience. With a budget crisis, get ANOTHER promotion and over $60,000 in raises. And you get to fill a position that should be eliminated.

Oh, but the budget crisis has nothing to do with Hinojosa and a BoT that looks the other way. It is all Austin's fault for not tapping into the rainy day fund.

Do not let Hiney and the BoT shirk their responsibilities.

It's nonsense like this that has put the DISD in the bind they are in.

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