A Lively Stand-Up Bit About Super Bowl Sunday

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At this very moment, something called the 8th Annual Texas ACG Capital Connection is taking place at the Fairmont Hotel; long story short, suits and ties and private equity and Ben Stein as the lunchtime speaker (ah, but will he do this for an hour?). Bill Lively kicked off the morning session, and it would appear the former head of the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee -- who's since been depromoted to Dallas Symphony Orchestra president and CEO -- now has a new stand-up act about this one day in early February. Hilarious.

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I don't know, one shouldn't trust Ben Stein, he's a better actor than economist. He's a brainwashed tool of the Chicago School of economics. You know the theory that says there's no free lunch, unless you're at the top--their lunch will trickle down to us. They say there's no free lunch but that tax cuts on the rich help everyone. Anyone see the contradiction? No free lunch unless you're part of the Ubermenchen, the Chosen, the elites. That's what Ben Stein believes, as do our betters. Such sophism is better addressed with a shotgun than debate; they're sophists after all.


While the right approach, Bill "the Leader of the Band" Lively is almost getting to the point of understand his role in the mess. Granted all else was positive in many respects, what Bill continues to avoid is the Host Committee's responsibility in the seating situation. I will say again, he hired an experience venue manager to be their rep at the stadium and a detailed pro at his right hand even before he came on board. The Host Committee knew of the problem well before Friday/Saturday - he almost admitted that in this video clip. He needs to come to grip with the situation that he knew, the Host Committee knew of the seating problem and they did nothing other than put their head in the sand....Like he said in the video - he saw it but they said it would be taken care of.......Other than the preceding, Bill is getting close to being a stand up guy......just needs that last confession


Sometimes the people inside the bubble are too blind to recognize the facts. Does this describe Bill Lively's "talk" here? I wonder.

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