The City Is Open (Mostly). Schools? Not At All.

The Dallas Independent School District, like most others 'round these parts, is closed yet again. To the Facebook message sent earlier this morning:
Guess what? Dallas ISD schools and administrative offices are closed on Wednesday, Feb. 9, because of inclement winter weather. Stay safe and warm everyone!
When someone asked about make-up days -- which we've already covered -- this response was offered as a follow-up:
We are using the two weather days built into the calendar, and planning to apply for a waiver for last week's other two. We will let you know as soon as we do about making up today (and any other day) we close because of weather. This has been a strange couple of weeks!
You could say that. The city just sent its own reminder:
The City is open for business with the following exceptions:


Dallas Municipal Court trial dockets are cancelled. 1) Defendants will be notified of their respective rescheduled trial date. 2) Jurors will not need to report for Municipal Court Petit Jury service. 3) All other operations and services will be continue as normal. 4) All other services should start at 10:00 am, including Proof or Plea and Magistrate Court. The Juvenile 1st Appearance docket this afternoon will continue as usual.
And, this update from slow-moving Dallas Area Rapid Transit:
Sections of DART Rail are experiencing delays in excess of 40 minutes while the ice storm moves through the region. We're adding bus service to support the Blue Line between Ledbetter and 8th & Corinth Stations.
On the other side, a short film Erik Clapp and 4 X 4 Camaro's Coleman Anderson (with collaborator Ennio Morricone) made last Friday -- when it was a real snow day, as opposed to whatever this is.

Snow By Ennio from on Vimeo.

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DCCCD is also closed.

master c
master c

just starting to really snow here in Plano

Bill Holston
Bill Holston

took the bus in from Casa View. Smooth riding. Traffic looked bad on I-30. I didn't see any wrecks. Traffic is moving slowly on Central. Once again, met one of my neighbors on the bus ride in.

It took a little over an hour to get to work, usually a 25 minute drive, really not to bad.

Robert Wilonsky
Robert Wilonsky

Now too in Northwest Dallas. Starting to wish I was Phoenix-based.

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