So There Are Celebrities in Town: A Round-Up of Some Famous Faces on Super Party Circuit

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Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and noted comedy genius Justin Timberlake at the Rachofsky House
Woke up this morning to find some last-night souvenirs in the in-box -- some, from the Audi Forum at the Rachofsky House on Preston and Northwest Highway, which the car-maker's taken over for the weekend. Looks like quite the guest list: Justin Timberlake, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Hugh Jackman, Matthew Morrison, Nick Jonas, Cam Newton and Tony Romo. Oh -- and Howard and Cindy Rachofsky. Much more successful than, say, this.

David Keith, star of the long-running Lone Star, with Pam Anderson at the F.I.G.
There were other shiny diversions as well -- the Pam Anderson-Willis & Woy Sports Group Dallas SuperBash 2011 at the Fashion Industry Gallery (our slide show here); the PepsiCo Super Bowl Weekend Kickoff Party at the Wyly Theater (in case you wondered whatever became of Lenny Kravitz); a GQ, Cadillac, Lacoste and Patron party at the Hickory Street Annex (attended by Cee-Lo, Pearl Harbor director Michael Bay, Adrian Grenier and the great Brian Baumgartner); a Super Bowl Gospel Celebration 2011 at the Music Hall at Fair Park (emceed by Jesse Jackson); and the Black Eyed Peas party at the Music Hall at Fair Park (where you could find both Oscar-winning Adrien Brody and the apparently omnipresent The Situation).

Erykah Badu was at the Grey Goose lounge in the Design District -- though before or after the Prince debacle, I do not know.

We had folks out and about last night -- so ... lucky? But I culled through the stack of WireImage images and put together a look-back at what you missed. Or didn't. It's like a free issue of People or Alan Peppard's column, without all the unnecessary words.

Forget you? Never. Cee-Lo's still No. 1 at the GQ-Caddy-Lacoste wingding at Hickory Street.

Hugh Jackman attempts to convince hosts Cindy and Howard Rachovsky that, no, really, there will be another X-Men movie. Why else is he here?

Adrian Grenier whips out his signature look, Blue Steel, at Hickory Street Annex

Erykah Badu did a DJ set at the Grey Goose lounge in the Design District. She had, of course, nothing else to do last night.

Lenny Kravitz, movin' on up to the Wyly for the PepsiCo kick-off

From The Office, former SMU Mustang Brian Baumgartner at the GQ party

Adrian Brody, who always dreamed he'd one day attend a party with a man known as The Situation

At the Super Bowl Gospel Celebration was Jesse Jackson, who, like Justin Timberlake, was a great Saturday Night Live host

Glee's Chord Overstreet or an impressively lifelike facsimile at the Rachofsky House Audi jam
See -- even in real life, if Vince is around, Johnny Drama can always be found close behind.

Serena Williams at the Wyly for the PepsiCo kick-off

Pam Anderson, wondering why she wasn't at the GQ or Audi party

Singer of the Black Eyed Peas had, briefly, lost his keys at the Music Hall at Fair Park.

Seriously, the funniest man in America. Also: the most patient.

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Other than Erika and Serena, meh.


If JT is the funniest person in America, then America, we have a major, MAJOR problem. Dude needs to go back to singing, with the occasional parody song.

There is WAY TOO MUCH of a good thing, and it is already here, JT.


I also got a picture with a cute Bacardi stripper dancer, who was happy to dance for me if I sent it in to my "local news affiliate".

See, fellas, that's how it's done.

But it had way too much of me and not enough of her to make UP, I fear. My friend took the pic. I blame it on her that there wasn't a much hotter chick on here (the dancer! The dancer!)

Everyone is a celebrity in their own right, even if they aren't doucheroos making millions off being here and showing up for free football.


I was at the Pam Anderson party with a press pass last night. It was pretty doucherific. David Keith thought he was pretty somethin somethin (looking around like "don't you recognize me--I'm David Keith!") My friend, the real pressperson goes, "Am I supposed to know that guy?"

Party was all douchy Dallas and a few semi-nice visitors (mostly from Texas towns who claimed to be out of state).

I still had fun. And we played, "Who was at our party?" about 1 hr later at Cafe Brazil on Mockingbird (SMU Central). Consensus was about 1/2 the restaurant by the time we left. So...that's who was at the Pam party...not Adam Sandler or Jennifer Aniston (both of whom had confirmed).


The GQ party was pretty fun. Got a picture with our very own TO while there.


I wouldn't want to 'party' with any of these people. They all look like douchebags.


* Hugh Jackman attempts to convince hosts Cindy and Howard Rachovsky that, no, really, there will be another X-Men movie. Why else is he here? * He is here for to promote Real Steel movie

Dallas Foodie
Dallas Foodie

I shot lots of pics of Chefs Mario Batali, Emeril Lagasse, and Tim Love, plus MLB players Tommy Hunter and Jamie Moyer at their Spaghetti Western party in Ft. Worth yesterday. I recorded interviews with Mario Batali and Tim Love too. :-)


Pam Anderson was also wondering if she should have gone ahead and put that 4th layer of makeup on.

Bill Holston
Bill Holston

Place to be tonight is Newly reopened Club Dada, Seryn CD release with Monahans and the Cush.


Yeah you know it's a bad sign when VIP tix to your even show up on Groupon at halfprice. Bless her heart. ;-)

Robert Wilonsky
Robert Wilonsky

And on your way home, you can listen to me play music on The Ticket.

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