If You Thought Tom Hicks Had Forgotten About "Epic Swindle" In Liverpool, You Were Wrong

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Kit Nelson
It's been a whole two months since last we contemplated Tom Hicks's threat to sue for $1.6 billion over the sale -- pardon, "epic swindle" -- of Liverpool FC to New England Sports Ventures way back in October. But right on schedule, Paul Girolami, a barrister repping Hicks and George Gillett, is in a U.K. courtroom at this very moment trying to convince a judge that the twosome are well within their legal rights to sue over the sale, which was negotiated by former Anfield chairman Martin Broughton.

Maybe you recall: The U.K. justice wasn't at all pleased when Hicks and Gillett ran to the George Allen downtown to block a transaction overseas, and in the end, the former partners in the football club had to withdraw their temporary restraining order blocking the sale. But attorneys at Fish & Richardson always said: They'd be back. And so they are.

Attorneys repping the club are making their case now. But via the Liverpool Echo, we get this recap of the morning's doings:
"Whatever else [Hicks and Gillett] may have done in the past, the question now is not one of punishing them for what they have done before," Mr Girolami told the court.

He said the pair had complied with the judge's previous rulings and were not taking this action in defiance.

Mr Justice Floyd asked him whether Hicks and Gillett had decided that it was more convenient to sue in Texas.

"There is no settled decision by us to sue in England or abroad," he answered.
Please let it be here. Please.

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Sorry but why do you want this to be carried out in Texas, Robert? Do you think that this Laurel and Hardy outfit will get a better chance of "success" in Texas? The fact is these two thrive on greed, akin to the Texas way of life (I lived in Houston for 4 years for my sins). They bought the club for £220 million, put no money into it and expected to come away 4 years later with £800 million. What planet are they on? They wont succeed. British justice will see to that, and for all the paying fans this is indeed justice!

Shankly's Ghost
Shankly's Ghost

Hicks is a cancer on sport. If you love your club don't let this swindler near it. It's evident he has no credibility and must have a Texas judge in his pocket for him to keep on trying to bring this case up in the state. Mr. Hicks come on back to Anfield. I dare you.


Please, please, please, please, please dear Lord Baby Jesus, lying there in your...your little ghost manger, lookin' at your Baby Einstein developmental...videos, learnin' 'bout shapes and colors..., we hope that you can use your baby Jesus powers to make this not screw up Hick's sale of the Stars.Amen.


Hick$ built the foundation of his sports empire on sand. pure and simple. using club equity to secure HIGH interest loans. with the new european financial laws on clubs Hick$ and Gillette would have bankrupt Liverpool. They never invested in the club with a "sell to buy" mentality. I'm glad his baseball team was ripped from his hands same way Liverpool way. The Dallas stars deserve better then that scum bag


Epic swindle ?? Epic retribution more like. Liverpool facing liquidation, only 1 bid on the table who else were Liverpool to be sold to ??H& G had several chances to sell the club at a profit but rejected all and made a loss. Poor Little Rich Boys

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