DART's Back on Track, Mostly, And Dallas PD's Very Happy You Stayed Home Today

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Andrea Grimes
Dallas Area Rapid Transit sends word: It's back in action! For the most part:
DART Rail is resuming and all three lines are operating on 30 minute headways. This will continue for the rest of the day. Buses are operating but slowly due to road conditions.

All non-24 hour HOV lanes remain closed.

Trinity Railway Express is operating a regular schedule and will have a special train in service after tonight's Stars game.
At the same time, the Dallas Police Department's Senior Corporal Kevin Janse updates the car-crash leaderboard:
From midnight to 2 p.m. today, Dallas Police Officers have responded to 39 minor accidents and 26 major accidents. An additional 16 accidents were transferred to Dallas Sheriff's Office. While it can't be confirmed that all the accidents were weather related, a good portion of them were single vehicle accidents that spun out on the slick roads. These numbers are below normal for such severe winter conditions; however, the closures of most schools and numerous businesses are believed to be the cause of the low numbers.
I did my part. You're welcome.

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Yes, I am one of the idiots who ventured out on the giant hockey rink streets today. Only had one scary moment, from which I extricated myself. The rest of my errands were pretty simple, and I am home with plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, lots of scotch, and a whole batch of library books and dvds to keep me busy and happy tomorrow. Until my kid drags me out to play in the "snow" that is, which would be nice if it were indeed snow and not hard-packed sleet. Sigh.


At the risk of sounding sappy we should all be thankful on days like this that we have a nice,warm place with plenty of food and drink and family/friends to care for and about. Thank you to all of the emergency responders out there in crappy weather doing their jobs keeping us safe.

Now I shall pour another whisky and settle in for some hockey. Life is good..


So, admitting that I drove across town twice today without the ability to see out of my rear windshield or right side-view mirror would probably not make the DPD happy. Lots of left turns...


In HS in Chicago, my Physics II teacher used to make and update a calendar. After one of the days off for inclement weather (akin to this one), his note for the day was "unnecessary very cold day off". I thought that was funny.

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