"Dallas Loves Animals" Kick-Off a Barking Success

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Photos by Andrea Grimes
Bear the 13-month-old Rottweiller came for the cheap vaccinations. And the endless cries of "Awwwww!"
Saturday kicked off the new "Dallas Loves Animals" campaign, an, ahemm, "pet project" of city council member Delia Jasso. All day at the Dallas Animal Services shelter, folks stopped by to get their pets signed up for discounted vaccinations, pose for photos and adopt new family members. Interim director of DAS, Lt. Scott Walton, estimated that about 150 new and veteran pet owners came though to support the campaign.

"I thought it was a great success," Walton said. Throughout the morning he was swamped by animal welfare activists, politicians and shelter workers shaking hands and giving hugs. But the most high-profile guest of all was Grace, a Great Dane who'd been confined to a tiny crate and weighed next-to-nothing when DAS investigators rescued her from an animal hoarder last October. Today, she weighs close to 100 pounds thanks to Animal Rescue of Texas and was a big hit at the kick-off, posing with her signature Dallas Loves Animals poster.

Check out her progress, and more 'dorbel photos, after the jump.

Grace poses with Grace posing with Councilmember Delia Jasso.
Jonnie England of the Metroplex Animal Coalition poses with her pup, Muffin.
This little guy's too young for rescue right now, but he'll go up for adoption in a few weeks at DAS.

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Does anyone know if they ever caught the people responsable for Grace's plight ?


I would if I had not already adopted two rescue dogs weighing a total of 110 lbs. I hope that they all find great homes.

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