Borders' Bankruptcy Claims Two Dallas Stores. A Decision Points Firesale Can't Be Far Behind.

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Robert Wilonsky
The scene at the Borders in Preston Royal a month ago. Come April, it'll be even emptier.
A month ago, Robert offered a lamentation for what's become of this Borders in Preston Royal, where the kids books had been replaced by board games, the music section was two CD bins, and an entire wall had succumbed to an especially invasive strain of Decision Points.

Today, though, along with the news that Borders has, at long last, filed for Chapter 11, comes a list of around 200 store closings planned around the country -- including a pair of the chain's Dallas outposts: the McKinney Avenue spot in West Village and, yes, Preston Royal too.

According to an announcement at the site dedicated to the retailer's reorganization, you'll have till the end of April to pay your respects to any of the music racks, checkout lines or bathroom stalls where you've made your memories these many years.

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I am so saddened by this news. The Preston/Royal location has been a staple in our lives for many years now...and to see it's a truly heart-breaking thought. Promise we will be spending time there and paying our respects to our friends and family...and hours or love spent amongst your shelves.

Jack E. Jett
Jack E. Jett

This must be the amount of leftover Bush books that conservative think tanks did not purchase.

Jean Val Jean
Jean Val Jean

I live really close to the one in the West Village. The future Val Jean lives really close to the one in West Plano on Preston (it was actually the final stop in our Valentine's Day date), and we often visited the flagship one on Royal for book signings and the like.

This bites.

It bites *hard*.

What surprises me... the one left standing in Dallas is the tiny one on Lovers & Greenville, which, on a good day, has about 11 books.

What gives?


This location definitely sucks -- my guess is Borders is keeping it because the rent could be the lowest for them in the area.


Damnit....I am going to miss my West Village Borders. The selection had gotten crappy, but it was always handy for magazines and the latest bestseller.


I also live really close to the West Village store, and I considered it part of our neighborhood life. I bought so many books as gifts there. My grandson loved going there, too. The staff is vibrant and very helpful. The store's coffee shop served as a gathering place for students. When it closes, I'll feel a big loss for our Uptown community.

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