Transpo Institute's Study Says Dallas-Area Drivers Actually Better Off Now Than in '07

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At the stroke of midnight this morning, the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M released its annual Urban Mobility Report, which promises a look at "the most accurate picture yet of traffic congestion in the 439 U.S. urban areas." Long story short, after two years of slight declines in the number of people on the road and the hours spent idling on the road to nowhere, "Economic recovery bringing renewed congestion growth."

Thing is, compared to the '07 report, things have actually improved in Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington: Back then, area drivers were delayed by congestion 58 hours per year, which put us fifth on the list; now we're only wasting 48 hours behind the wheel annually, which drops the DFWA down to seventh behind such cities as Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and Houston. And we're wasting less gas now -- 38 gallons annually, as opposed to 40 in '07. Also: A trip that should take 20 minutes actually takes about 24 -- we shaved two minutes off that number in a little more than three years.

That's but a wee bit of the info available: Here you'll find all seven pages of the DFWA data -- from fuel costs to an inventory of arterial streets. Read it on your drive to work this morning.

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Jon Daniel
Jon Daniel

Gee - let's see -

Adding a shitload more people for yearsThe LBJ reconstructionEconomic activity improving slightly, so more workers

I would expect this will not stay "better" for long

El Rey
El Rey

I can't wait for more of those New York and California transplants. We love sharing the road here in Texas. [insert S.R.V. YouTube clip here]Just remember: "Don't Mess with Texas" (That includes cigarette butts! Sorry. Pet peeve.)


Oh, Jesus Christ, pleasepleaseplease tell me the location of the ramp in your picture, so I can forever stay far away from it. It makes my knees wobbly just to look at that grade.


Looks like the northbound Central ramp to westbound LBJ to me

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