Sure, You May Not Get on Glee During Local Tryouts, But At Least You Can Meet Blaine

A couple months back we noted that Glee casting director Robert Ulrich would be in town this month auditioning wannabes for a new role to debut during the FOX series' third season. Only, before a shot at network prime-time you first have to make your way through The Glee Project, an Oxygen reality series that turns the casting process into a reality-show competition; so spin-offy.

Anyway. The open call's actually this Saturday and Sunday in Fort Worth, at the Norris Conference Centers, a big space intended to hold all comers, of which there could be more than earlier expected given that Darren Criss, who plays Blaine on the series, will also be in attendance, as evidenced by the video invite and instructions just posted.

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Even though I cannot; 1) sing worth a crap; and 2) remotely pass as a high school student, just being in the same room with Darren Criss would be worth the humiliation, time and effort to make my way to Ft. Worth this weekend.

He is definitely a little piece of heaven right here on Earth and the best part of Glee so far this season.

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