In Light of Budget Shortfall, Dallas ISD Trustees' Resolution to "Make Education a Priority"

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Earlier this afternoon, over on the DISD Blog, Matthew Haag posted a memo Dallas Independent School District sent to district employees Friday, in which the super warned: The state's mammoth budget shortfall could result in "a staggering $180-$200 million" being excised from the district's budget during the next two years. And since 85 percent of the DISD's budget goes toward personnel, that could mean a significant reduction in payroll. "Things do not look good," wrote Hinojosa.

That sentiment is echoed in a resolution the trustees will sign and adopt at their board meeting on Thursday: "Make Education a Priority." (I know, I know.) An excerpt:
Whereas, the current Texas public school finance system is negatively affecting an increasing number of public school districts; and

Whereas, past diligent legislative efforts to address the state's method of adequately and equitably funding Texas schools has fallen short of broad measured success; and

Whereas, the legislative year of 2011 bears the attributes of repeating the 2009 legislative session's lack of reliable funding improvements ...
Resolve to read the rest on the other side. Resolution of Acknowledgement

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Dallas Diner
Dallas Diner

I thought football and athletic fields were the DISD's main priorities. Boy, get into bad economic times and people's values just go to hell.


Pack your bags, teachers! Admin salaries aren't going anywhere. Neither are all of the funds dedicated to measuring the TAKS (for whatever reason they still do this, since the lowest schools just marginally improve, and the exemplary stay exemplary). If I heard this, and had a permanent assignment, I'd be clearing out my class deco. Even sub jobs are super scarce these days. "Focusing on education"? More like forgetting it.


I wonder what thier priority was before they made the "discovery" that education was to be thier focus?

In 2008, DISD spent millions of your tax dollars to remodel the historical O.M. Roberts Elementary. Now they want to spend another $22 million to demolish homes and the school to rebuild a new school, all the while destroying a neighborhood to put in parking lots in-between homes! A Neighborhood consists of Homes not Parking lots!

There IS another solution an alternate plan was presented to DISD but, so far DISD refuses to consider it! Read the rest of the story here:

DISD's current plan for O.M. Roberts is wasting our tax dollars! Again!! It must not continue!

Our children deserve a better education! ~ Our teachers deserve better compensation! ~ Our schools and neighborhoods deserve consideration for preservation not destruction!

Please help be a part of the solution by contacting your elected DISD Board Member at 972-925-3700. Tell them you want their focus on improving the quality of education for our students and working on increasing the compensation for our teachers, NOT on land development.

Thank you

Learn more at

Click on the link below to view Satire Video on DISD's Land Grab

Just Disgusted
Just Disgusted

In December, one administrator at 3700 Ross was given a shocking $32,000 raise. How many people do you know in this economy who got a $32,000 raise?

Who does business like that?

In May, watch the school board and the superintendent protect high salaries going to people who wouldn't know a little kid if one bit them.

They always, always talk the talk, but when no one is paying attention, they give $32,000 of your tax money to some administrator.

They never walk the walk, and why should they?They get away with it every time.


So it only took how many years before the DISD decided to make education a priority?


This is their go-to excuse for all the things they are about to do...

Wow, I'm almost impressed with this strategy.

Jay Hawk
Jay Hawk

That's noble and all, but isn't that supposed to be their focus no matter how good or bad the budget outlook is?

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