In Advance of Third Dallas Bike Plan Meeting in Three Weeks, a Car-Free Challenge Issued

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Survey says: Why Dallas doesn't pedal, from the Dallas Bike Plan survey
The previous Dallas Bike Plan public hearings have been jam-packed. No reason, then, to think it'll be any different on January 20, when the city hosts another in the Dallas City Hall Flag Room. No times have yet been set; so far, these are the only details available:
At the meeting, we will present the revised drafts Dallas Bikeway System network (based on your comments at the September 23rd meeting). We will also be presenting recommendations on priority routes, bicycle safety and awareness education, bicycle parking, and guidance on the design of bicycle lanes, shared lane markings, cycle tracks, and wayfinding.
It's on Hanna's to-do list. Speaking of, our food critic, who pedals everywhere, is also high on Bike Friendly Oak Cliff's challenge for the new year: "Go without a car one day a week for 52 weeks." (Suitable substitutions, walking, bicycle, public transportation or "other non-motorized vehicle," which allows leeway for my forthcoming stagecoach operation to be funded with Fort Worth's unused $25 million federal grant, which I thought we'd already covered, cough.) Because, Hanna reminds, anything's better than nothing. And, we'd best get used to it.

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If gas hits $5 a gallon, I will indeed invest in a bike. Quickly.


Been waiting in the DART line for this year's pass, and, surprisingly efficient. I sent a pic in...probably about 25-50 in here with me before the work rush, but whew, shows there are people, incl me, who are willing to take the low-car challenge.

The Residents of Jubilee Park are being bullied by DISD.

DISD is demolishing good homes and destroying their neighborhood to put in parking lots in between homes!

That doesn't make sense nor is it safe for the children!

Neighborhoods consists of homes not parking lots!

Learn more about how DISD is wasting tax dollars, not listening to the voters and how Board Member Bruce Parrott was madder than an old wet hen! at

Click on the link below to view Satire video on DISD's twisted plans.

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