If You Liked Stewart Copeland in the Police, You'll Love Him With the Dallas Symphony

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It was waaaay back in October '09 we noticed that Police drummer Stewart Copeland was working on a percussion concerto for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra with locals D'Drum, which counts among its members local legend Jamal Mohamed. We are now but weeks away from the world premiere of that piece, Gamelan D'Drum, which'll bang its way into the Morton H. Meyerson February 3-5. Long, long-ago Observerer Chris Shull, now manager of publications for the DSO, today sends us this video reminder, which provides an audio-visual sneak peek into the collaboration and a hint of the shape of the drum jam to come.

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Does a video of Sting doing clothed tantra poses ever appear along with these drum solos/songs? Thunderbolt pose, anyone?

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