Gonna Drink It Up at the "Bud Light Hotel"? Then Get 25 Bucks' Worth of the Way Home.

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Speaking of beer and wine ...

From the sound of the latest forecast, at least, the idea of standing outside the Aloft Hotel Wednesday morning for a press conference could be rather, well, unpleasant. So we'll go ahead and pass along this bit of news related to what the release calls a "safe-ride-home initiative designed to prevent drunk driving during the week of the Big Game."

Officials from the city and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage commission will gather at 10 a.m. Wednesday morning to announce that Dallas Yellow Cab and Ben E. Keith will offer "vouchers up to $25 for cab rides to help transport adults home safely during football festivities." But be warned: Brittany Whitacre tells Unfair Park this afternoon the offer will only apply to folks attending wingdings at the Bud Light Hotel, which is the temporarily rebranded (at the cost of guesstimated millions) Aloft across the street from Dallas City Hall; opens for business Wednesday and includes performances during the latter half of the week from the Fray, Ke$ha, Jack Ingram and Nelly, among others; and will house that Playboy party.

My safe-ride-home initiative this week involves staying at home.

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That's just no fun--work, home, homework, work, home...

We may never have another Superbowl. So, then what'll we do with the Enormodome?

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