Dallas Is Now a Whole Lot Wetter

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For the hell of it, I ran a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission report this morning to see how the off-premise beer-and-wine permitting process was going -- seeing as how on New Year's Eve, only a handful of applicants could sell spirits in formerly dry parts of town. And as you'll see from the report on the other side, the city is slowly but very surely getting wet -- all the way from the Tom Thumb in Preston Royal Shopping Center to the Kroger at E. Northwest Highway and Plano Road. And: the 7-Eleven at Forest and Marsh Lanes, which, had it gone wet back in 1986, would have spared my brother from having to buy his beer at jacked-up prices out of Robbie Van Winkle's trunk. TABCRoster-1

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That's my Kroger on NW Hwy and Plano Rd, thank you very much. They remodeled the entire store and included a long refrigerated aisle. Currently, it's filled with cases of Big K soda, but someday soon...

I was talking to the owner of Duncan's over on W. Lawther at NW Hwy. He was fortunate to have land adjacent to the DART rail at Whiterock station, but with this change in the law, it's bound to hurt his business.


Robert,Did your brother buy lots of Ice Ice flavors?


sorry but 'spirits' are distilled whereas beer and wine are fermented. next step is to allow for the sale of spirits in formerly dry areas

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