Serita Agnew Tells GMA She Isn't Buying What Pastor Sandy McGriff Is SellingStealing

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No doubt you've heard the tale of Sandy McGriff, the 52-year-old Church of the Living God pastor -- and a former prostitute with more than 12 aliases, according to the Dallas Police Department -- who was spotted breaking into congregant Serita Agnew's house on Christmas Eve and is accused of swiping her fur coats, some purses and a laptop. McGriff has said she was doing Agnew a solid by breaking into her home -- in order to, ya know, stop some burglars from absconding with the looted items. Happens. Doesn't it?

McGriff's already told her side of the story (and not very well). This morning, on Good Morning America, it was Agnew's turn. And she's "devastated" and "in disbelief" by what her pastor did. Still, she tells ABC's Chris Cuomo, perhaps this is all part of God's Layaway Plan: "Being a person of faith, I've come to believe that we are presented with challenges in our life, and I believe that all of those challenges are tailor-designed for us, specifically, to bring us closer to God. And if I believe that for myself, I have to believe that for Sandy, and my hope is that she finds her way."

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