Mayor Tom, Prominent Doctors and the Great Cliff Harris All Come Together To Fight Diabetes

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Photos by Andrea Grimes
Dallas Cowboy football legend Cliff Harris came to hear Mayor Leppert and crew call for participants in a new diabetes study at UT-Southwestern.
Mayor Tom Leppert and wife Laura, representatives from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, city council member Delia Jasso, and -- dun-dun-dah! -- former Dallas Cowboy Cliff Harris gathered earlier this morning in the Flag Room at City Hall to call for volunteers for a new study of a new medication called metreleptin, which may significantly change the way Type 1 Diabetes is treated.

"Diabetes is a community issue and a very personal issue for me," because his uncle and father both suffered from the disease, Leppert told the small crowd of newsfolk. Indeed, a number of speakers at today's press conference are living with diabetes (you know, it is really hard not to type "diabeetus" every time this comes up, and I want you guys to know how hard I'm fighting it) and spoke to the importance of a new research program that needs non-overweight young adults with Type 1 Diabetes to participate. Those interested can call the UTSW researchers at 214-648-3621.

"This is indeed a win for Dallas," said Leppert. "It's illustrative of the important medical discoveries that are happening in this community."

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