Landmark Commission Finally Decides That Owners of 807 Elm Street Can Raze the Building

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Justin Terveen
Speaking of demolitions ...

Back in September we wondered whether 807 Elm Street's days were numbered. Park Cities Bank, which owns the building, had been trying to sell it for years but could find no takers. Said attorney Steve Metzger, repping PCB Properties, that was for one very good reason: "That building has some serious issues that likely prevent any rehabilitation." Razing it, said Metzger and the structural engineers hired to give the circa-1925 building a once-over, was the best -- and only -- solution for the parking lot across the street from El Centro.

The Landmark Commission's Central Business District/West End Task Force initially nixed the demolition request. But after a couple of months of thinking it over, the Landmark Commission just decided -- as in, moments ago -- to let 'em introduce the wrecking ball to the building after all. The vote was 8-6.

As one city official explains, today's vote begins a 30-day period during which anyone so interested may appeal the decision to the City Plan Commission. But if no one steps forward, the city will issue a certificate of demolition. At which point, boom.

Speaking of downtown, that reminds me: Don't miss tonight's debut of the Downtown Dallas 360 plan. Andrea's going. Me too.

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