Fair Park Holiday, a Festival of Lights

Photos by Justin Terveen
We tried to get into Fair Park yesterday for The Big Doings and realized rather quickly we should have ditched the car elsewhere and taken the Green Line. During almost all of Saturday there was traffic for miles (30 was backed up like it was the last day of the State Fair), which bummed the boy till we landed back at the downtown Neimans windows -- he was only too happy to trade feeding stingrays for traversing tunnels.

And so we turn, as usual per our good fortune, to Justin Terveen, whose work at Fair Park in recent years reminds me of some of these timeless postcards crossed with the work of John Sirigo, the Official Photographer of the '36 Centennial. Justin, who chronicled the light show from atop the Hall of State with frequent collaborator Jason Grant, was kind enough to send a few keepsakes from last night's fireworks; this one in particular is just so ... elegant. Two others follow.



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