Before Seven Years' Worth of Construction, DFW International Airport Introduces Its "Future"

No doubt you're well aware by now that Love Field Airport is undergoing its so-called modernization program. But Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport wants to make sure you're well aware of the fact it too is about to undergo, oh, seven years' worth of renovations beginning in 2011. Which is why today it launched its (re)defining your airport website, which is chock full o' infotainmentgraphacts intended to inform you about what's coming between now and 2018, which I hope I live to see.

The so-called Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program will, for the most part, affect the original terminals -- Terminals A, B, C and E -- which opened in '74. Says the release that just landed in the in-box: The redo "includes dramatic improvements for passenger services including ticketing, security and concessions. Plans also call for the replacement of terminal systems such as electrical, plumbing, ventilation and other infrastructure." Well, that's just sexy talk right there.

There's even a movie -- two, actually, though the other follows -- and the interactive Vision for the Future Realized 2030 plan, which involves transporters and jet packs and Sir Richard Branson's beard. I see the website also includes a call for concessionaires. Wuh-boy.

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