Your Weekly Desktop Wallpaper: A Very Rarely Seen View of Downtown Dallas

Justin Terveen
Good friend of the show Justin Terveen was kind enough to share this photo with the Friends of Unfair Park this morning -- a view of downtown taken from the trestle directly north of Lew Sterrett Justice Center, which rumbles over Stemmons. Look for the more ginormous version sooner than later on his Flickr photostream, where you'll also find a few newly taken shots of the Calatrava. Schutze has been staring at those all morning.

This is also a good time to post this reminder: The Kessler's hosting an exhibition of Justin's work -- titled, appropriately, "Urban Fabric: The Photographic Art of Justin Terveen" -- on November 26, as part of its Black Friday event. Be there.

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