Texas Attorney General Goes After Okie Payday Lending Firm Pretending to Be Dallas County

Categories: Crime
Why, lookie there -- former Dallas Cowboys head coach Barry Switzer's the face of Federal Cash Advance. Makes sense: The payday lender's Oklahoma-based. But, see, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott doesn't take to kindly to the way it runs its bidness down here. Says the AG in a lawsuit filed today in Dallas County District Court, Federal Cash's owners, operating under a handful of other monikers, has been "illegally attempt[ing] to collect debts by fraudulently using a collection notice letter delivered to customers purporting to come from and bearing the forged signature of the Dallas County Clerk and a false and unauthorized use of the State of Texas and Dallas County seal." Why, just look for yourself. Dallas County says: Unh-unh, not us! Seems Abbott's got a point. Dallas County District Judge Martin Lowey, who granted the AG a TRO, agrees.

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