Sunday Mornings Won't Be the Same as Mark Elfenbein Leaves Ticket to Join Lewin on Fan

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Elf and Dwight Howard
I've been listening to Mark Elfenbein longer than I care to remember, dating way back to his days as a Bottle Rocket on KERA-FM (90.1) with co-host Steve Shapiro. For the last 17 years, of course, he's been a Sunday-morning staple on The Ticket and co-hosts the Dallas Mavericks post-game show. But that's all over with: Elf sent his Facebook friends this note late last night:
I've decided to leave The Ticket after 17+ years. I'll miss my Ticket Family big time! However, I'm very thankful to have this fresh opportunity at 105.3 FM The Fan, Monday-Friday 11-2pm. Thanks so very much for all the kind words and well wishes. Were going to bring Sunday mornings five days a week. Enjoy.
That's the time slot presently occupied by Josh Lewin, who was released by the Texas Rangers last month. Lewin and Elf will now co-host -- beginning, Elf tells Unfair Park, "either tomorrow or Thursday."

I asked Jeff Catlin, operations manager for Cumulus Radio Dallas, who's replacing Elfenbein. He writes: "Not sure what I am going to do on Sundays yet, although it won't be a revolving door." Elfeinbein's show was, he says, the highest-rated weekend show on The Ticket. Now who will I have a bagel with on Sunday mornings?

Update: I see Richie has more here.

Different Update: A Friend of Unfair Park directs our attention to Todd Archer's Twitter account, where the Ranch Report-er and Dallas Morning News Cowboys beat writer announced today that he's "off to new challenges with ESPNDallas." So no more Ticket for him, neither.
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