More Suits Over Suites and Unpaid Rent at Cowboys Stadium. (Pssst, Wanna Buy a PSL?)

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Patrick Michels
Jerry Jones charges the stage for the Cowboys Stadium ribbon-cutting on May 27, 2009.
Back in February there was that story about Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys suing some 10 bidnesses for failing to pay the rent on their sweet suites at Cowboys Stadium. Total rent owed back then: $82.3 million. To that sum add another $37.7 million, per Courthouse News's news that this week, the Jones boys have sued another five companies in Tarrant County District Court.

About $10.9 million of that is owed by just one company, Teaco Energy Services out of Hobbs, New Mexico, says this suit. But perhaps that's to be expected, since its owner, recently ousted Democratic Rep. Harry Teague, has lost a pile of cash of late and was sued earlier this year for failing to pay $2.7 million in business loans issued in '06.

And it's not just Jerry trying to collect on suites: Forbes noted earlier this month that plenty of folks who bought personal seat licenses in the EnormoDome are lookin' to ditch 'em -- as in, "the Cowboys have by far more fans looking to sell PSLs than any other team." According to, the highest asking price is $640,000 -- and, remember, that doesn't include ticket prices, just the right to pay 'em.

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