From the Forthcoming Collection of Old Dallas Farmers Market Photos Being Digitized ...

Courtesy Dallas Municipal Archives/City Secretary's Office
Speaking of City Archivist John Slate and the Dallas Farmers Market ...

Maybe you remember: Back in May Slate told us the city had recently gotten its hands on "several hundred vintage images of the Dallas Farmers Market -- really, really cool ones that show what an active place it was." The hope was to have them posted to the University of North Texas Libraries' Portal to Texas History website 'round about now. But the stack's ginormous, and the going's been a little slower than expected.

But in July, Slate was kind enough to send us one of the many for posting. So when I had him on the phone this morning I asked, please, sir, may I have another. And this is what he sent -- a look at the corner of Canton and Pearl long, long before it looked like this. Look at all the ... buildings, I think they're called?

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